The Disgruntled Client



The ad agency, I mean. Not back in a good way, Just back. I hate repeating myself. But that’s just me. I think they kinda like it. Glad someone’s happy.

Hey, I know, let’s talk about job satisfaction, at least the way it looks to me.

You get out of school and enter the real world…one which seems to be run by free enterprise, global consumerism and technology that changes our preferences everyday…what do you listen to, what do you wear, where are you having lunch, blah, blah…

Most people, they don’t mind staying the happy consumer. Some of us choose to be her making them happy. Or at least to help them make the happiest choice. That’s us, our world. A small world, but still with room for a crossroads: Do you want to be Client , providing products, services and solutions, etc. or do you join the Ad Agency and sell Consumers our products and services for us?

And that’s where lines are drawn, you choose sides and maybe choose your weapons. But you do what you do, you do what you have to and you do your job. then you go home, you sleep at night, get up and do it again, ‘til you’re really good at it. Simple, right?

In a perfect world, you could team up for a win-win partnership but in mine?...

oh, darn. The good news is we’re still launching in November. The bad news is that’s all the good news I’ve got.

- Disgruntled Client


At 11:30 am, Anonymous Ken said...

Hi Rina --

Just wanted to see your blog after your call.

I meant to tell you, let's get together again when you're in town. December? The kids would love to see Mikey again.

Re: your launch Don't worry too much, things will always work out. : ) Don't they?

At 2:09 pm, Anonymous anna said...

hi rina! hang in there! like ken said, i'm sure your launch will turn out fine. try not to let them upset you so much. hugs and kisses to mikey! cheers!


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