The Disgruntled Client



Well, I thought I had. Guess everyone makes mistakes. But I'm getting ahead of myself… what I meant was I thought I knew what I was in for back at the pitch, you know? We all do. So you get the big package, they open it up for you and after that it's all ink and champagne, right? You've signed the contracts, they've got the business and everything goes just like they said. The end.

Actually, I'm just getting started. Drinking double large cappuccinos day and night will do that. But you need the edge, that's why you got yourself an ad agency. I just never thought it would turn out to be that kind of edge.

Deadlines? Oh, yeah, everyone's got those. Moving project breaks, moving meetings the day after, never mind your boss leaving to call in on Region for a week, that's perfect, works for us, we'll knock him dead when he comes back. They don't have to deal with the old perv's e-mails on the hour, you're watching their back, right?... you're partners! You get used to it, but that gets old real fast.

The big launch is November, right?, today was the ad agency's third pass and of course, we aren't there yet. I mean, how hard can it be? Yes, they finally got something approved but it still needs work. You'd think they got it by now.

But nooo. You've spent the past year on product concepts and pricing strats, sourced all your raw materials, checked your distribution channels, the new plant's online, everything's been green-lighted and all you get for it is "you wanted attitude, we're working on attitude". I just wish they'd work faster.

- Disgruntled Client


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